The iARXIU is an electronic repository for storing and storing electronic documents, so that their integrity, authenticity, confidentiality, quality, security, retrieval and long-term preservation can be guaranteed. This repository functions as a central archive and / or historical archive and is intended for semi-active and / or historical documentation.

In addition, it includes the provision of specific services related to digital preservation to address issues arising from the fragility of media and technological obsolescence, whether hardware, software or document formats. For example:

  • document migration services
  • file viewing services
  • an electronic evidence service related to the preservation of electronic signatures.

Specifically, iARXIU, includes the following functional modules:

Admission module

  • Creation of requests for transfer of documents / files
  • Approve, reject and accept requests for transfer of documents / files

File module

  • Digital repository management
  • To ensure the preservation and archiving of electronic documents, the AOC Consortium applies the provisions of the National Security Scheme regarding compliance with the basic principles and minimum security requirements by applying the appropriate security measures to the media and supports. in which the documents are stored

Query module

  • Basic and advanced search using metadata of documents / files
  • Online consultation of documents
  • Issuance of authentic copies and online conversion of documents to new formats
  • Download the evidence report
  • Download consultation information packages

Administration module

  • Management of platform users
  • Management of document access policies
  • Management of retention policies and disposition of documents
  • Management of documentary series
  • Management of metadata templates
  • Check usage statistics
  • Consultation of the register of shares and accesses

Preservation Module

  • Management and execution of document migration, consistency and resealing policies.
  • File format management
  • Preservation of electronic signatures