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This feature allows you to manage the registration of internal users (non-administrator users), as well as their assignment to user groups, necessary to model access policies.


When you click on "User group view" the platform shows the set of users that have been added and registered in the document collection that is being managed.


Add existing user

Clicking on the "add user" button loads a screen showing all registered users in the entity. If the user who wants to register in the documentary collection already appears, just select it and click on the "Accept" button.


Register a new user

However, if the user is not registered, you can add them by clicking on the "New user" button and on the next screen you can register using your digital certificate or by filling in the user data directly. :


Associating a user with a group

This option allows you to add internal users of the document collection to certain groups.


The list above shows all the users of the documentary collection at the top. The user groups created in the background are shown at the bottom.

To add a user to a group just select them and click the group (s) you want to join and click the "Apply" button


With the "Add group" button you can create a new group: