Who can use iARXIU?

Any Catalan public administration.

Users of these public administrations must be users of the EACAT platform.

Are there any technical requirements to consider when using iARXIU?

In order to access iARXIU the user must have a web browser with Internet access. The service is guaranteed for the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8 or higher
  • Firefox 4 or higher
  • Google Chrome.

What kind of documentation and files can I file and manage in iARXIU?

iARXIU works as a central archive and / or historical archive and is intended for semi-active and / or historical documentation.

What file formats does iARXIU support?

In the following document you will find the list of file formats supported by the platform: Accepted file formats

What storage capacity do I have to archive my documents and files?

Initially, the storage fee is unlimited.

The maximum weight in Mb per transfer information packet is 700 Mb.

The maximum weight in Mb per file is 400 Mb.

What metadata model should be used to describe files and documents?

DESA'L proposes mandatory metadata at the level of file, document and signature. However, the tool allows you to expand or add other additional metadata schemas or vocabularies.
In the following link you can consult the basic metadata scheme of iARXIU: link