With the aim of synthesizing and encapsulating in a single entity all the documentation that is preserved on the iARXIU platform, an entity has been defined, called the information package that is used to package the documentation to be preserved both at the level of the document unit. composed (file) as an electronic document.

It is a container in xml format that includes:

- The associated metadata
- The document (s) to be preserved
- The signature (s) associated with the documents to be preserved

Information package type

Transfer Information Package (PIT)

It is the electronic documentation that the producer of the documentation transfers to the iARXIU platform, whether it is a composite document unit or an electronic archival document, in accordance with the transfer protocol established by the AOC Consortium.

File Information Package (PIA)

When transfer information packets enter the archive, a set of controls is applied to them to verify their integrity, authenticity, and suitability for retention requirements. Other metadata is added (for example, those related to representation information) and, if necessary and so established by the preservation policy, digital objects can be migrated to a more standard and stable format. This PIT standardization is called a file information packet.

The PIA will be stored in the digital repository for the time established by the corresponding retention and disposal policy.

Query Information Package (PIC)

When a user wants to consult a stored document, the system allows them to obtain a copy of the PIA, better known as the Query Information Package (PIC).