Preliminary considerations

To use iARXIU you need to:

  1. The body has formally applied for membership of the service to the AOC Consortium using the registration form ( link )
  2. That users who want to use iARXIU are users of the EACAT platform and also that they have a role associated with the iARXIU platform (+)

Basic configuration

Once registered:

  1. The person in charge of the organization must create a documentary collection
  2. The person in charge of the entity must assign the archivists and people in charge of this fund
  3. Once in the background, the archivist should:
    1. Register the documentary series
    2. Create and register the templates that will be used to describe the documents / files you want to transfer
    3. Register end users who want to make pre-entries

With these basic steps, the documentary fund is already minimally configured to accept transfers.

How to access iARXIU

To access iARXIU you must enter the EACAT platform. Once inside EACAT, go to the Applications section where the EACAT services / applications catalog is located: