The different types of service agents are as follows:

They are those entities, bodies or persons responsible for or involved in the creation, production, management, conservation and consultation of electronic documents within the IARXIU service. Specifically, there are the following types of agents:

Producer body: That body or body of the public sector of Catalonia that has produced and / or gathered documents in the exercise of its activities.

Archive: Body or institution from which the functions of organization, guardianship, custody, management, description, conservation and dissemination of documents and documentary funds of public sector bodies in Catalonia are specifically performed.

In accordance with the regulations of archives, we can find archives that are part of the own organizational structure of the producing entity (for example, the archives of the municipalities of more than ten thousand inhabitants) or archives, that by law, they are responsible for the management of the documentary funds of other entities (for example, the case of the County Archives).

Consumer: Natural person and / or information system, duly authorized, who consults the documentation stored on the platform and which does not belong to the organizational structure of the producer and / or archive. They can be:

- Belonging to another public sector body in Catalonia

- The interested citizen

- The person who proves legitimate / direct interest

- The researcher

- The citizen

These types of agents can be:

- Individuals who access the platform with their digital certificate

- Trusted applications: those information systems (for example, document managers or file managers) that fund / archive producers have at their disposal to manage their documentation. These applications act on behalf of the producer, archive and / or consumer entity and make use of the web services provided by the IARXIU platform.