User type: archive

View groups - users

This view displays a screen similar to the user list, but focuses on showing the user groups that exist and which users are associated.


Create a new group

If you want to add a new group just click on "New Group" and a new group registration form will appear


Delete group

If you want to delete a group, just select the group and click on "Delete group". Keep in mind that deleting the group does not delete the users who are part of it.


If there are access policies linked to the group you wish to delete, the user will be notified and will not be allowed to delete


Associate user with a group

When the group is selected, a list appears with the users who are part of it and some buttons to add new ones or to remove them


To associate a user with a group, first select the group and then click "Add user".

The following screen shows the users registered in the documentary collection. Just select the user and click "OK".


Unlink a user from a group

To unlink a user from a group, first select the group and then select the user from the group and click the "delete user" button.