Type of user: entity administrator, fund manager and archivist

The access log includes the history of the queries made to the documents / packages that are archived on the platform.


The entity administrator can only consult the actions of its entity and its linked funds

The fund manager and archivist can only view the actions of the fund they are managing

Access log query

When the user queries the access log, the system shows him in tabular form all the query operations performed on the PIAs, up to a maximum of 1000 accesses. If this maximum is exceeded, the platform will show the most recent 1000 shares.


Specifically, the data recorded are as follows:

  • Access ID
  • User / application that has accessed the resource. It includes the basic data extracted from the digital certificate with which it has been authenticated on the platform. In the case of individuals, the name, surname and identification number are captured. In the case of trusted applications it captures its name.
  • Date of access / consultation
  • Action taken. These can be:
    • Consult PIA
    • Download
    • Authentic copy generation
    • Online document conversion
    • Download evidence report
  • Identifier of the file consulted
  • File name viewed
  • We / file where the document is kept
  • Documentary fund where the document is kept

Filter or search access logs

To facilitate searches, administrators can filter by clicking "Filter"



You can see that there are filters for:

  • Identifier:
    • Of action
    • Information package
  • Action:
    • PIA consultation, download, true copy generation, online document conversion and download evidence report
  • File ID
  • File name
  • User
  • The date of the action

Generation of the stock register

From the list of results, the user has the ability to create a report in Excel format. This is generated at the time of ordering and is downloaded to the client's browser.