Type of user: entity administrator, fund manager and archivist

The platform's statistics show the basic use of the platform's services: revenue, queries, deletions, inbound and outbound transfers, and so on. allowing filtering by entities, backgrounds and dates. The data to be displayed is as follows:

  • To us
  • Fund
  • PIA number (total)
  • Amount of revenue earned (by date)
  • Number of imports
  • Number of incoming transfers
  • Number of outgoing transfers
  • Number of eliminations
  • Space used in GB (total)
  • Package queries performed (by date)
  • Binary queries performed (by date)
  • Space used


The entity administrator can only consult the actions of its entity and its linked funds

The fund manager and archivist can only view the actions of the fund they are managing


Using the download button, the user will be able to download the statistics they are viewing in Excel format.