User type: Archive

The transfer information packets generated by internal users will remain in the pre-entry area (as long as their status is "pre-entry authorized") while waiting for the corresponding archivist to proceed with their final entry.


The archivist, by means of the entry functionality available to him, will proceed to the entry of the PITs that are deposited in the pre-entry area or to amend them.

Entry of an authorized pre-entry

  • If everything is correct, the PIT will enter the platform. The archivist can choose more than one PIT at a time and it is essential that the pre-entry status is "pre-entry authorized". All you have to do is select the pre-entry status in the "authorized pre-entry" state and click the "Enter" button.


  • Below is a pop-up that is used to indicate if the electronic evidence service is needed (more information at the following link )


  • Once the archivist has completed the PIT entry action, the status of the pre-entry changes to “pre-entry in progress” which indicates that the PIT is being processed.


  • If all goes well the pre-entry changes to the status "realized entry" and the internal user and / or archivist can know the identifier that has the information package inside the file by clicking on the + icon.


Amendment of an authorized pre-entry

  • If an error is detected, you can refuse entry, stating the reason. In this case, the PIT will be rejected


  • If you detect an error and know how to correct it, you can modify some of the completed data by entering the PIT itself to edit the metadata. To do so, just click on the following link:


Elimination of an authorized pre-entry

  • If an error is detected or does not meet the required requirements, the PIT may be removed.