Once the pre-entry operations have been carried out by the archiver, the platform, before proceeding with the final entry, applies the following verification controls:

  • Control of the cryptographic summary or hash on the electronic archive documents that are part of the PIT;
  • Automatic file introspection to extract useful technical and representational metadata to ensure their preservation and representation
  • Verification of the existence of viruses in the PIT;
  • Validation and, in the case of using the electronic evidence service, completion of the original electronic signatures in file mode.
  • Check that the PIT has not been previously entered ( uniqueness control ) to avoid duplication

In those cases where any of the previous checks gave an erroneous result, the iARXIU platform informs the producer of this circumstance for correction: example errors

If everything is correct, the platform proceeds as follows:

  • Incorporation of other metadata established by the platform
  • Indexing of descriptive metadata to facilitate searches and retrieval of documents
  • Update of the status of the PIT as admitted, that is, it becomes a PIA
  • Generation of the PIA, an xml file in METS format suitable to be preserved in the repository.
  • Generation of the archive stamp in the XAdES-A format associated with the PIA.
  • Storage of the PIA in the repository
  • Generation of the corresponding share register with the entry data.