When an entry is made, the platform checks if the information packet already exists (uniqueness check). If this is the case, the entry will be rejected. The aim, therefore, is to avoid duplication of packages entered into iArxiu in the same entity / fund pair regardless of who entered it.

To find out if a package is already entered, it is not the complete contents of the packages that are analyzed, but their metadata. A mechanism for generating a unique identifier mark (hash) per packet has been implemented, which is obtained from certain packet metadata.

The criteria for deciding the uniqueness of information packs are as follows:

Composite documentary units

In order to verify the uniqueness of the composite documentary units, the following metadata of the file are checked:

  • Reference code
  • Classification code
  • File number
  • File opening date
  • File closing date
  • Production unit (may not be informed, if we are using it)

Simple documentary units

To check the uniqueness of documents alone, which are transferred without being part of a composite document unit, the following metadata is checked:

  • Reference code
  • Classification code
  • Title
  • Creation date

When you try to enter a package of information that has already been entered previously, the following error message appears on the web: