User Type: Any, except that the PIA access log can only be viewed by admin users

In addition to consulting the PIA metadata, downloading and viewing the documents that are part of it, the platform includes other features:

Online migration

For any version of the document, an online conversion can be done, as long as it is supported by the platform. That is, the document can be downloaded in a format to which the document can be migrated. All you have to do is go to the document and click on "View online migration / conversion history"


On the migration history query screen, select the desired format from the possible formats drop-down and click the download button


Authentic copy generation

An authentic copy of the documents may be downloaded in accordance with the signature policy for issuing electronic copies.

To generate the true copy, iARXIU follows the following process:

  • Check if there is a PDF version of the document, and if it exists, sign and deliver it as a true copy.
  • If none, migrate the document to pdf format, sign it and deliver it as a true copy.
  • If the document cannot be converted to PDF, then the user will be informed that the authentic copy cannot be downloaded.

The signature of the authentic copy has the following characteristics:

  • It is generated at the same time as the application, using the services of the AOC Consortium validator.
  • The format of the signature is CAdES-C embedded in the pdf.
  • Not visible in PDF (no image).
  • It is signed with a digital certificate of application of the service itself.

In no case will the authentic copy be stored on the iARXIU platform.

All you have to do is go to the document and click on "true copy"


Generate evidence report

Users can request the issuance of electronic evidence reports, in pdf format, which certify the origin and integrity of a particular PIA and its content. These reports contain the following information:

  • The origin and history of actions or events related to the PIA;
  • A statement issued by iArxiu on the integrity and authenticity of all its contents since the entry and validity of all signatures contained in the PIA;
  • The report will be a document signed by the iArchive.


Access history query

The archivist and other administrator roles can also view the access history of a package to find out which users have accessed and which query actions they have performed.

iarxiu_consulta_20 iarxiu_consulta_19

Check stock history

The user can also view the action history of a package to find out what actions the information package has been subjected to