User type: anyone, as long as they have permissions

By selecting one of the packages in the list of search results you can access the PIA data.


The next screen shows the PIA content detail


Query options:

Once inside the PIA the user can:


The query permissions that internal users can have are the following (in accordance with what has been established in the corresponding access policy ):

  • Query only metadata related to the PIA. In this case the user cannot view the documents or content.
  • Metadata query and direct display of electronic documents (files) that are part of the PIA.
    • In those cases where documents or digital objects have been migrated to a new format, the user will be able to view the original document and the authentic electronic copy resulting from the migration, while providing the link to the corresponding viewer.
    • Online conversion of the documents that are part of the PIA. The user can request to download the document binaries in a different format than what is currently stored in the PIA. At the user's request, iArxiu will convert it to one of the available formats so that the user can view it more easily. The new binary will be temporary and in no case will it be stored for its preservation.